Here's some info about the sounds~


0 - In Cannaregio, the time is nearly 7am, and a fruit stand opens some crates.
1 - High on a hill in Fiesole, rain drops on a tarp we are sheltered underneath; the sounds resembles an old vinyl record.
2 - In Venice, the water pushes against steps that descend into the canal.
3 - An early morning runner passes by on Cannaregio’s main drag.
4 - The Festival of Lanterns in Florence. It is raining.
5 - The same night, we hear thunder from our room.
6 - A modern drain connects to the right of an ancient drain at Fiesole’s Etruscan ruins.
7 - A team of road workers drops cones in Cannaregio. Further to the right, they talk and work with the old pipes. A dolly rolls to the left.
8 - At the Etruscan temple, sitting on its entry steps, bees circle.
9 - A neighborhood in Orvieto.
10 - Trains pass at Santa Maria Novella.
11 - Some announcements about a train headed to Rome.
12 - In a back alley in Orvieto, noon bells and a couple walk past.
13 - A square in Orvieto, sitting near two children with their grandfather. The older sister rides a bike.
14 - At a cafe in Orvieto.
15 - The waterbus stop at St. Stae in Venice.
16 - An evening in Florence.
17 - A few kids snap their lantern-sticks against the ground. Their parents are gathered under the shelter of the church.
18 - Sweeping in Cannaregio.
19 - Before 6 am, some government employees/porters help an elderly woman across the Venetian bridges with her things on a small metal cart. The canal bugs are awake.
20 - The walkway at the St. Stae waterbus stop creaks and shudders on the morning water.
21 - A string of fruit carts led by a single strong man passes from left to right on a side alley in Cannaregio.


Venice - On your right, a cart is carried over a bridge in Cannaregio. Someone is sweeping, and voices are calling. There is a gull. The cart is now on your left, and then a gull moans to your right, again. There are bells, and a boat that turns into the canal on the right. A gull squeals to your left, and a bird creaks to your right. The boat passes, with the bells. A kid runs with their little flip flops in the piazza behind and to your right. Mumbles.

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